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"Everything that depends on the action of nature is by nature as good as it can be"
- Aristotle


Kalon Parlour is a luxury sanctuary, where our guests can maintain their beauty and wellness needs, in London's glorious Fitzrovia.

Pronounced “KAY-lon”.


It ultimately means "beautiful thing", but it connotes far more than just physical beauty. Of course, we want to make our guests feel physically beautiful with the ritualistic use of our

products, but we also want to make them feel like they're doing good in a moral sense. Hence, Kalón, besides hitting on the aspect of physical beauty, also means what is good, useful, and virtuous. We want to secure the beauty of the spirit and soul of the living interconnected whole, of which we are a small part.


Ultimately, reaching to kalón (Beauty itself), for us, is in line with this ancient message. We must be mindful of the connectivity of all things and be weary of getting caught up in the mere

physicality of beauty at the expense of the goodness of one's character and morals.


We think of it as an abstract interpretation of the meaning - beauty is more than skin deep. Kalon focuses on creating beauty from the inside out, in the sense that we cannot create beauty by only treating what we see on the surface. We use our services to clear impurities from the body, to enable a more balanced life, essentially encouraging our guests to adapt and grow.

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Your SANCTUARY for ethical beauty, WELLNESS, and SELF-CARE

Kalon takes its name from the Greek term meaning the ultimate physical and mental beauty. For that reason, we are dedicated to offering our guests the healthiest skin & beauty care by sourcing the healthiest products. Our specialists will cater to you and your beauty & wellness concerns by

customising your experience, offering

support at every point of the journey.

Kalon Parlour is a sanctuary of nature and rejuvenation. The Spa promotes relaxation and luxury. With its grand gold accent interior, polish plastered walls and soothing colour palette from when you enter the Spa, the experience begins. Guests can choose from a selection of treatments including traditional and cutting-edge therapy, all in the surroundings of our beautiful sanctuary.